Naturwelten Bio&Fair is your expert for organic non-food products in Luxembourg City. In our store in Bonnevoie, you can find everything you need for a good sleep and a healthy care for babies, children and adults. Visit our store and our experienced team will guide you through our large offer in organic and fair-trade products!

!! Winter sales from January 2nd – 31st, 2015 !!

>> up to 50% discount on showroom beds
>> 40% discount on men’s shavers
>> 20% discount on baby grid beds by Prolana
>> 20% discount on biber bed linen sets
>> 20% discount on towels
>> 20% discount on cosmetic products by Oshadi
>> 20% discount on tagged clothes by Leela
>> 15% discount on satin bed linen sets
>> 15% discount on wool products by Disana, Reläx and Engel
>> 15% discount on caps and scarfs
>> 10% discount on products for new-borns
>> 10% discount on all clothes
>> 10% discount on textile accessories by Manduca and Didymos
>> 10% discount on cotton-, wool- and silk underwear
>> 10% discount on shoes (20% discount on shoe sizes 30+)
>> 10% discount on slippers by Pololo
>> 10% discount on heatable cushions and cuddly toys
 >> 10% discount on products by Engel Sports
>> 7% discount on pushchairs by Naturkind
>> many other discounts can be discovered in our shop window, in the shop and on our facebook wall.

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